Monday, February 13, 2012

Time at Lasting Impressions

It’s almost two weeks since we arrived here at Lasting Impressions and time just flies. We are heading into our last full week here, and there is much to tell.

MECHANICS: The vehicles that David had been working on came to a halt. As two were having trouble becoming one, so if you all could keep that in prayers as they truly need another reliable vehicle on the road. David and Al had a trip into Harare to explore other options and repair generators that we are learning are a huge necessity to run a fully functioning camp and household here.  Power cuts are just a part of the normal day that you get used to – but fervently pray for a solution here, as it can be very wearing when this is part of your everyday life.

CAMPS:  We are on the third camp since we got here. It’s been neat to watch the different groups and ages come through here, and to see the impact of the work on the children. Prayerfully it will continue in their lives as they go back to school, home and dorm life.  David was able to share his testimony (the long version) with some seniors, which as his wife, was very moving to see, and then he was able to follow up with it at the camps close the next day before they left.

FIXER OF ALL THINGS: Other than that, David has been fixing, and I have been teaching. The kids have been able to interact with Shelley’s home school group and I got to attend Bible study and a potjie (cookout) with some of the families from her group. It has been a blessing, getting to listen to and pray for them.
ERNEST:  We got to visit with Ernest and his family a few times, and have had some sweet interactions with them and their whole church last Sunday. We took many pictures of them and his mielies (corn) which he is very proud of.  It has been very sweet to bring the kids along as we go visit and especially as they play with a lot of the staff that work here and live on the property. As we visit at their homes, they truly are just slotting in wherever and pay no mind to rich or poor, black or white. To them as the kids song goes, they are all just precious in His sight, and they love and play with everyone as well as the next.

CHURCH:  We were blessed at church with a very timely word on the multifaceted love of Christ this weekend. I had given Shelley a copy of The Story and it has been used repeatedly in teaching at the camp and very powerfully at church this past weekend.

PRAYER:  We have been praying much as there is much to pray for here. It’s been very freeing not to have our daily chores and routines to deal with. We are able to stop and pray and help where needed as we go along throughout the day, which is nice considering the constant power cuts and daily struggles of life here that we never encounter back home. Please be lifting the local church here as they seek out a new pastor. Also pray for continued favor and protection over the camp, which is very much needed right now, with all that is going on in this region at this time in history.

FRIENDS:  Friday the Bekar family will be joining us, and then we’re going on our ‘mini-vacation’ with their sweet family, then next week we head off to Chinhoyi to see all the wonderful people at 3C’s church and the Good Shepherd Orphanage.

  For the rest of this week, there are back to back camps, which has been such a blessing to see the growth here and the amazing ministry that this is to the people of this nation. Please be fervently praying for the word of the Lord to continue to go throughout this land.  There is still so much darkness in places I hadn’t seen it before. It has been really good to have more time here, and get to hear of lot of people’s stories, so we can better understand life and culture here. In turn it allows us to better know how to pray for and serve this community.

Work has been continuing up at Everest with the installation of a very ‘special’ longdrop toilet! It was installed just in time for Wednesday’s full moon activities up there, which will allow us more time to minister to and deepen some relationships with folks from the community that need to know the Lord.

The wildlife continues to fascinate the children, with monkeys as our morning alarm call, a huge troop of baboons on the way back from breakfast, blue winged flies, and birds of all sorts.

Today I (Jackie) took my first solo ride into town with the kids to do a grocery run for the camp. For those who have been here, you will appreciate that this is not any ordinary 10 mile ride! Much praying was done with every bump and pothole we encountered on the way.

Thursday we are hoping to be able to visit Tariro which is a small home for children that was started here. We have tried to remain flexible with our plans, as the camps keep everyone busy, and we have not had the opportunity to visit there yet.

We love you all and sorry if you have replied to any posts or sent emails or comments, we have not had much internet access, Shelley is sending this via email to Lindsey to you!! Thank you Sue for your wisdom and Lindsey for your willingness.

One thing that has really struck us is the work of those back in the States who help out not just in coming out on trips to serve, but who have grasped the vision here and contribute in what probably seems like minimal ways. Whether financial or of your time the impact that this has over here is huge, so please continue to ask the Lord how He would have you involved in the work at LI. It is such a far reaching ministry that no-one will ever see the total fruit of it this side of heaven. Just from the staff that gets saved to the kids whose lives are forever changed by a few days here, we pray that it too will leave a lasting impression on your heart and life as you partner with this ministry.

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We love you!

Jackie for the Grays